Dress Up Fast

We started in February 16, 2021 and we already have products and suppliers all over the world. We have customized products that you can check or request. DressUpFast store is an online shop that intends to help you buy the items you use everyday at a very cheap price. Feel free to contact us for suggestions or recommendations and we are really trying to get better and become the website you go to to buy the things you need. 

Our products are mostly from China and United States, therefore they need a little time to get to Taiwan. They will also go through customs but we make sure that we keep them at a reasonable price where we can find a balance between delivery time and asking price. We do not currently have a physical store where we stock products but we have verified that our suppliers have warehouses with items ready to be shopped to Taiwan at any moment notice.

Please try our products and leave your comments. With patience, we are sure that we can become your number one online store.


客服時間: 週一~週五 0900-2100



地址: 新竹市金竹路118巷60弄一號